The Euganei Hills Regional Park


Every item is entirely handmade


Surrounded by the fashinating Euganei Hills Regional Park, just two miles from Este, cage of a long tradition in high quality ceramic, there is Artepiù. Specialized in artistic ceramic manufacturing, since 30 years it has been  continuing the ancient Este's traditions; rich in experience and productive abilities, it avails itself of a highly qualified staff and in a short time has reached competitive levels for quality and prices. 

Our Production, inclusive of more than 5000 items, offers numerous lines: from furniture articles to exclusive present objects, from lamps to refined interior lightings. Each item is entirely handmade, from clay to the polychrome decorations, and third and fourth fire techniques, when materials are gold and platinum.
Thanks to the experience of our staff, we can personalize items on customer demand, such as dinner services, celebration souvenirs, wedding presents, each one of excellent taste and at low prices.   

Artepiù is today a reality in the world of ceramic and prides itself with the highest levels. It excells in its seriousness and methods of operation in Italy and abroad.

Artepiù has received various and wide recognitions in exhibitions and competitions for avantguarde techniques. Thanks to these techniques, it is today a name of high prestige.

For more information, don't hesitate to call us: we'll be happy to welcome to our workshop and boutique, where we will satisfy Your own wishes. 



Artepiù Ceramica D'Este
Via Vicenza 3 35030 Baone (PD) - ITALY
Tel. & Fax +39/429/4258